O’Hare Airport Project

The O’Hare Airport project consists of replacing over 1500 of the existing steel poles and high-pressure sodium fixtures with aluminum poles and LED fixtures. The customer wanted just single point of contact for both the poles and fixtures. Evergreen Supply purchased GE ERS2 Roadway fixtures from Lighting Solutions since LSI was already providing the Valmont poles. The original fixtures were mounted at 40 feet thus making it difficult for the maintenance truck to perform work on them. Converting the fixtures to LED, allowing the fixtures to be mounted at 25 feet, allowing ease of maintenance.

Northwestern Hospital

Northwestern Hospital was looking to keep the same look and feel of the exiting poles when they went to replace and add additional poles. Lighting Solutions received the drawings of the unique pole & fixture from hospital and worked with Valmont excellent design and applications teams to reproduce the same pole. MaTech Lighting Solutions provided the LED kit for the fixtures. This allowed the hospital’s existing 400-watt high pressure sodium fixtures to be converted to 180-watt LED fixtures.

Naperville Park Recreational Facility

When the Naperville Park District decided to build a new recreational facility, the design firm selected the GE Highbay- Albeo for its exceptional light output and uniformity along with the fixture being energy efficient. With Lighting Solution’s long-standing relationship with Berg Engineering, we were able to meet the needs of the light levels required for the gymnasium.

Chicago Residential Block

The City of Chicago has a 15 year-Residential Blocks Program, residential area program where each alderman updates their street lighting to LED. Lighting Solutions of Illinois is providing 18 ft. Aluminum Davit Poles to replace the existing poles. The current 250-watt High Pressure Sodium are being replaced with a 125-watt GE Evolve™ LED Roadway Fixture. The 60-watt HPS piggyback features were replaced by a 30-watt LED from MaTech.

St. Alphonsus Church

Village of Prospect Heights had strict mounting height restrictions not to exceed 12 feet. The pole spacing was not optimal for mounting at that height. The LSI XLCS with enhanced forward throw optics provided great uniformity and the 5-year warranty on the assembly (including the finish on the pole) were key differentiators for securing the project for Lighting Solutions of Illinois.

Irving Park

Irving Park Rd is stunning with GE Ceramic Metal Halides.

Motorola Corporate Office

Check out our solution for Motorola located at Corporate Office in Schaumburg, IL. Lighting provided by our manufacturing partners: WAC Lighting, PMC Lighting, and National Lighting.